Published by Sigh Journal

“Morning Lights” is a fashion editorial inspired by my childhood.
I spent my childhood with my cousins, we are all girls. What we had in that time was only each other, we played games with very simple items like marbles, cards and sometimes just running in the farms.
We had some secrets, and some weird traditions and ceremonies that we would laugh if we try to recall them. The props in the shoot therefore relate to my experience, for example, I had learned watercolor and painting since I was 5, so easel is a special item for me, it carries many memories from my childhood.
I believe It was the most innocent time and the happiness was the purest.

Art Direction & Photography: Celia Tang
Models: Kitty & Violet from Named Models
Makeup and Hair: Yiyi Tien
Stylist: Chryssi Thoupi
Photography Assistant: Gilad Kaufman

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